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I started my career, optimistic, in May 2008, in one of the banks in Nigeria, having qualified as a chartered accountant just aged 22 years whilst in 200 level at the Obafemi Awolowo University where I read Economics and; Education. I had always wanted to be a world-class investment analyst and only saw the banking job as a launchpad but due to the uninspiring work environment of the bank, I soon forgot about my dreams and abandoned the pursuit of my self-development. 


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C.L.E.A.N. is an acronym for Connect, Learn, Energize, Achieve and Network. C.L.E.A.N with Olayinka is a mentoring platform that uses the power of storytelling to drive behavioral change to enable people to achieve their career and life potentials.
C.L.E.A.N with Olayinka is targeted at professionals at all stages of their careers who want to be distinct and create an edge for themselves in their industry. C.L.E.A.N is focused on building industry leaders who in turn positively impact their society.

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Throughout our sessions, I will use my experiences to activate behavioral changes in your career that will put you on a new launchpad.

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